Product Manual – Kid Trax

Kid Trax is a brand of Pacific Cycle that makes award winning battery powered ride-on toys. We have been developing their (and Pacific Cycles other brands such as Schwinn, Mongoose) product manuals for over twenty years. Along the way we have fine tuned the format in order to reduce the cost and improve their customers experience.

The current format is a blend of wordless instructions and minimal written content. Aside from the safety and maintenance sections, illustrations are primarily used to provide the information necessary for assembly and use. This wordless blend helped reduce the translation costs associated with the manual.

To help the customer understand the steps in the product manual we used an illustration technique of highlighting the parts the customer was to focus on with a solid color and ghosting the remaining parts out. The use of graphic elements such as blow-outs, numbers and arrows also provide additional clarity.

CLIENT: Kid Trax

CAPABILITIES: Product Manuals

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