Product Manual – Foam-iT

Foam-iT is a leading producer of chemical management and application equipment. As with many of our clients they recognized the need to update their product manuals. Their goal was to improve how the product instructions and information was presented as well as better reflecting their brand. The problem they had was they didn’t have the internal expertise or capacity to take on this task.

The scope of the project was to update the majority of the manuals in their product line, over 80 total. This required significant upfront planning and working with their team to make this economically feasible. We worked with their marketing department and developed a product manual style guide that helped maintain a consistent format and matched their branding.

The development process was comprehensive. Every detail of the design from font size of the headings, color percentage of the graphic elements and page layout was focused on guiding the reader through the manual. We rewrote and structured the text content to provide better user readability. On the visual side we incorporated the use of illustration, blow-outs and shading to provide focus on the subject.

In the end, the product manuals have a clean, consistent style that communicate the information their customers need to know.


CAPABILITIES: Product Manuals

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