Product Manual – Designetics Inc.

Designetics is a leader in adhesive applications and fluid applicators. After initially trying to develop their operations manuals with another service they reached out to us. The biggest challenge with the project was to explain how the software that controlled the applicator and adhesive application worked. This required an in-depth analysis of the touchscreen options, developing an understanding of what each setup option did and the setup process. Another challenge with the project was that there were two models that were similar but had a different touchscreen layout and additional features. Both models were to be in the same manual.

We began the development of the operations manual by reviewing the existing reference material and rewriting the content. Since the operation of product is primarily software driven we needed to get screen shots for each step in the setup and use processes. Using the new copy the client provided the images of the screen shots we needed which we then used for illustration.

Illustrating the screens ensured they would have consistent quality and readability. Since they were vector art they could be scaled to any size without loss of image quality. Another benefit of using illustration versus photo images was the ability to easily make small modifications to the screens. The ability to quickly make changes was very beneficial because the client made changes to their touchscreens during development.

The final design reflects the clients brand which is contemporary and clean. We used a combination of a two and three column layout in order balance the content and white space. In the end the operations manual had over 82 illustrations and is 92 pages.

CLIENT: Designetics, Inc.

CAPABILITIES: Product Manuals

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We absolutely love it!

- S. Spraw, Executive Vice President, Designetics, LLC