How We Develop Technical Manuals

The process we use in developing technical manuals and quick reference guides consists of the following steps:

  1. Define the scope of what you need. This will help in determining the approach we need to take to fit your budget.
  2. Gather reference material such as rough content and images to be used in the technical manual or as reference for illustration.
  3. If necessary, review and edit the content so it is readable, easy to understand and logically structured for the target audience. We often see original content written by subject matter experts such as legal, engineering and marketing who write in the language specific to their profession and may not be best for your audience.
  4. Develop images the help explain what you are trying to communicate. These images may be photos that need to be retouched or original illustration.
  5. Finally, we would put it all together with a clean, clear design. The design would take into account your brand, use graphic elements so it is visually interesting and follow best practices with regard to layout and the use of white space.

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