Wordless Manuals

Wordless manuals, or wordless instructions, can be a very effective means of technical communication. If your subject matter is not complicated then it may be possible to create a manual, or instruction sheet that is completely wordless. This would have significant value in reaching multi-lingual audiences and reducing translation costs.

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More likely you’ll find that some test is needed to fill in such information as safety warning and tips. Even so, the use of images is important because most people are visual learners. We process information faster and have a higher comprehension rate when information is presented through images and video. Visually communicating through design, illustration, and animation is at the core of what we do.

Are wordless manuals the right fit for you?

  • You have uncomplicated processes that need documentation
  • You need to communicate with multi-lingual audiences
  • You want to save on translation costs

Lovett Design Wordless Manual Services

  • Product and training manuals
  • Training multi-lingual associates
  • Early education and children's books