Technical Illustration

What is the value of a Technical Illustration Service?

A technical illustration service develops illustrations that are used to present details of a product. The primary goal of this type of illustration is to explain and describe a subject to a nontechnical audience.

People learn and understand more through visual communication. This is where illustrations, sometimes called technical drawings, add value for your audience.

With illustration, you can highlight important features. You can use cut-away, or exploded views, to show hidden features. You can blow out and zoom in on an area that needs to be highlighted.

When you combine a high quality technical illustration with clear, concise copy, you have a winning combination. Sometimes, if the subject lends itself to being wordless, you can save money with translation costs.

We offer years of experience illustrating a broad range of digital illustrations. Our clients use these product illustrations in their technical documentation and marketing material. Each illustration is original vector art that can be repurposed, scaled to any size, and still maintain a high-quality image.

The Lovett Design Approach

At Lovett Design, we see technical illustration as the perfect solution to explain a product or process. We use our team’s specific set of artistic skills and technical knowledge to deliver a customized solution to your brand.


Are technical illustrations the right fit for you?

  • Need to clearly explain a complex product or subject to a nontechnical audience
  • Want to make internal features of a product visible with a cutaway view
  • Need highly detailed illustrations tailored to meet multiple needs

Lovett Design - Technical Illustration Services

Thank you so much for all you've done! It's been a pleasure working with you and we definitely look forward to it for future projects.

- A Chagan, Head of Sales, Divercety, LLC