Editorial Illustration

Editorial illustration is all about expression and tone. It is less concerned with showing how something works mechanically, and instead focuses on the attitude with which its subject is portrayed. These types of illustrations jump off the page, grab your attention, and leave you thinking about them.

Throughout our everyday lives we see hundreds of examples of editorial illustration. Be it book cover, newspaper article, movie poster, or magazine illustration, this style of work is ever-present. Marketing collateral in particular benefits from editorial illustration’s ability to invoke certain feelings and ideas in its viewers.

Are editorial illustrations the right fit for you?

  • You need art that is more than simply descriptive
  • You want to tell stories, express abstract concepts, and make grand statements
  • You want to illuminate elements of an article

Lovett Design Editorial Illustration Services

  • Marketing collateral that reinforces your brand and message
  • Articles in magazines, blogs, and newspapers